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The University of Paris 8

Brief presentation of the university

Since its creation as an experimental center in Vincennes in 1969 and then its establishment in Saint-Denis in 1980, the University of Paris 8 is today a central teaching and research center in Île-de-France in the field of humanities. Paris 8 embodies the values of “success and social promotion, experimentation and criticism, and democratic life.” Its values stem as much from its history, in particular for its experimental, critical, inter- and transdisciplinary approach.

The education offered at Paris 8 mainly falls into five fields: the arts, philosophy and aesthetics; law, economics and management; literature and languages; human and social sciences and science and technology. 

What does being part of ERUA mean for us?

  • Go beyond the prevailing models that tend to limit universities to simple academic institutions, rather than apprehending and developing them as real spaces of creation

  • Promote experimentation as a central notion and practice in human creativity and prosperity

  • Build an environment where researchers, administrators and students have the time, space, opportunities and resources to play, to discover, to experiment and to innovate individually, but above all collectively

  • Be aware that people are at the center of any societal evolution and that mobility is what nourishes the diversity and richness of peoples, ideas, opinions, genders and therefore the diversity of knowledge

  • Promote geographic and social diversity with the aim of building an effective innovation system based on a multilingual and multicultural environment across Europe

  • To be a center of exchange and knowledge and to promote free access to this knowledge as essential factor for positive change in societies

  • Work to break down physical, regulatory, institutional and mental limits with the aim of bringing about and strengthening a collective European awareness of current and future challenges and ways of addressing them

  • Make our alliance a wide-open and prime destination for students, academic institutions, policy makers and civil society with a focus on the contributions of the social sciences, the humanities and the arts to solving societal challenges

Where are we located?

Paris 8 University is located in Île-de-France region. It has several campuses in Seine-Saint-Denis department : main campus in Saint-Denis, Condorcet Campus, IUT Montreuil, IUT Tremblay-en-France. 

Paris 8 promotes openness into the city, creativity, diversity and innovation at the heart of a site, the future Greater Paris Metropolis, which is currently undergoing renovation, gradually bringing together most prominent institutions within the fields of culture, higher education and research.

What are we known for?

  • Paris 8 is heir to the Vincennes Experimental Centre and the intellectual and pedagogical effervescence that followed May 68
  • Founding member of the Comue Paris Lumière, the MSH Paris-Nord and Condorcet Campus, all major players in the social sciences in France
  • Paris 8 is also distinguished by its desire to maintain a very strong link between research and teaching, by relying on teaching methods which aim to adapt to all audiences and provide training for all, throughout life

What are our research priorities?

The innovative nature of the research Paris 8 offers finds its origins in its openness to fields hitherto little present in the French universities, such as psychoanalysis, geopolitics, cinema, visual arts, gender studies, educational and linguistic sciences. Paris 8 prioritises the development of new forms of research (research-action and research-creation) and a pluri-, trans- disciplinary approach, encouraging projects turned towards territorial issues, cultural heritage and cultural creation, civic and democratic life, as well as the social and solidarity economy objectives.

Who are our international partners?

Paris 8, with its 30% international students and the 157 nationalities represented among them, defines itself as World-University. While this name is firstly part of a historical tradition of welcoming and openness to diversity, it also responds to a contemporary reality in which the international and European dimension is growing in scope. 

Paris 8 maintains partnerships with around 200 foreign universities, of which around 140 are ERASMUS partners.This development of partnerships is set to continue in areas with which Paris 8 has long-standing links, in Europe, the Maghreb, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

Paris 8 in Numbers

23114 students
1200 academics
650 administrative staff
11 Departments
5 institutes including 2 IUT
26 research units and 7 mixed units
4 doctoral schools
5 areas of studying

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