SWPS University

As a non-public higher education institution, the purpose of SWPS University is to serve people, society, and the environment through endeavors in education, science, art, and public engagement. We fulfill this mission as a robust institution, grounded in a community of employees, students, and graduates.

SWPS University was established in 1996 by three eminent professors of psychology. After close to thirty years of dynamic growth, we are proud to be a strong community of 500 faculty of researchers and experienced academics, who teach 16,000 students enrolled in 35 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs, across six campuses located in major cities in Poland. Our broad education offer includes 16 programs taught entirely in English to over 1,100 international students from more than 80 countries.

What does being part of ERUA mean for us?

  • To drive change and reform in higher education in Europe to promote innovative, inclusive, and sustainable concept of academia.  
  • To provide students with a variety of educational and development opportunities to help them reach their full potential.
  • To access and contribute to cutting-edge research, fostering innovation and interdisciplinary projects.
  • To strengthen our academic programs by integrating international perspectives and standards.
  • To foster a diverse and multicultural academic community that promotes openness, dialogue, and mutual respect.
  • To improve the quality of education through shared resources, expertise, and best practices within the alliance.
  • To enhance mobility opportunities for students, faculty, and staff, promoting cultural exchange and professional development.
  • To participate in joint initiatives and projects addressing global challenges, particularly in the fields of sustainability, technology, and social change.
  • To build stronger connections with European academic institutions, public entities, and the private sector to support societal and economic development.
  • To contribute to the development of public policies and innovation strategies at the European level.
  • To support our mission of social engagement and public service by participating in impactful projects and activities within the alliance.

Four things you should know about the SWPS University

Where are we located?

SWPS University comprises six campuses across Poland, which affords students from all locations in the country easy access to higher education:







What are we known for?

  • We are a leading higher education institution and a robust research center in Poland, excelling in psychology, social sciences, law, computer science, management studies, language studies, literature and cultural studies, media and communication studies, and design.

    SWPS University is especially recognized for its teaching and research in psychology, which comprises more than 60 percent of our academic output in English, and secures the majority of our research grants.

    Our design program, School of Form, is known for its innovative, human-centered, approach to teaching design. Our students and graduates provide design solutions to the challenges of today’s world, such as climate change, pollution, and increasing human-technology interaction.

What are our research priorities?

Our five research institutes (design, humanities, law, psychology, and social sciences) oversee the work of 28 research centers, where our researchers annually carry out close to 200 cutting-edge research projects that improve the quality of life of individuals and communities. 

Our researchers undertake socially significant projects, often in collaborations with other research centers across the world. We also contribute our scientific expertise to numerous collaborations with the business community and the public sector, which result in innovative solutions for the economy and the society. 

Who are our international partners?

  • SWPS University partners with numerous international organizations to enhance its academic and research capabilities. Key partnerships include the European Reform University Alliance (ERUA), and the Global MINDS Erasmus Mundus Master program in social and cultural psychology. Additionally, SWPS is a member of networks such as the European University Association (EUA), the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA), and the Baltic University Programme (BUP), promoting international collaboration, mobility, and sustainable development.

SWPS University in Numbers

5 campuses
30 BA and MA programs
90 majors
16 programs taught in English
doctoral degrees in 7 disciplines
post-doctoral degrees in 3 disciplines
130 international agreements

420 academic staff
395 administrative staff
approximately 18,000 students
including 1,500 international students of 80 nationalities

28 internationally active research centres
228 advanced research projects
with a combined budget of 26 million euros

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