Learning in the Field

On the ‘Learning in the field’ page you can find examples of teaching and learning, outside the traditional university settings or within the university as part of the teaching/teaching administration team. These are courses where faculty and students leave the seminar room and the lecture hall to interact with the world beyond as part of the learning experience or interact within and as part of the university cosmos to experience an “inside” perspective. The collection is not intended to document all such courses within ERUA, but only to offer a selection, which can serve as inspiration. We have divided the collection in three parts. The first part ‘community collaboration’ contains examples of courses, where faculty students engage locally near the university. The second part ‘travelling seminars’ presents cases where they travel to the field. The third part presents internship opportunities as a language assistant within the ERUA universities and the local ERUA communities. 

Community Collaboration

Travelling Seminars

Language Assistant Internships