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ERUA Teaching Activities

Traveling Seminars

Call for Traveling Seminars 2022-2023

If you are looking for partners you can use the Partner finding platform created for this call. Please, follow this link.

Academic year 2022-2023

Approved Projects

In close cooperation with publishing house YMCA Press, Centre culturel Alexandre Soljenitsyne and Paris VIII, the students will look into a matter of Peter Struve’s Paris years, research his Paris private archive stored at the YMCA Press (books with possessory marks, private letters, manuscripts), and visit the exhibition “Histoire d’une amitié Pierre Struve et Ivan Bounine” at Alexandre Soljenitsyne center.

As a result of the 7 days stay in Paris, Struve’s Paris archive will be examined, analysed and digitized, the exhibition Histoire d’une amitié Pierre Struve et Ivan Bounine  will be translated from French and Russian into German.

Later in October 2022, an online-meeting between a) the seminar-participants and coordinators from Konstanz, b) Dr Sofia Tchouikina, the seminar-coordinator from Paris VIII, and c) representatives of YMCA-Press and Centre culturel Alexandre Soljenitsyne will be held. Based on the work results from Paris, further steps such as a creation of Web-Platform on Struve’s Paris archive will be discussed.

When: October 2022
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Dr Maria Zhukova, Dr Innokentij Urupin (Konstanz
Field of study: Slavic studies, russian studies
Number of students: 10

We will read and discuss recent publications on German and French troubles with colonial history: restitution, postcolonialism and racism/slavery and migration debates. We will share research and publications experiences in Germany and France and aim at a comparative study of our sites of local colonial history. The course will be held by a team of members of both Universities: Paris VIII and Universität Konstanz and include history, cultural studies and literature.”

When: October 2022
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Prof Kirsten Mahlke
Field of study: History, cultural studies and literature
Number of students: 2

Academic year 2021-2022

The themes of this seminar are the French presidential election and the French language. The students will develop strategies to learn vocabularies, the electoral system and the stakes of debates. While discovering Paris, students will interview people about the presidential election: their impressions/perceptions, issues the candidates should address, etc. Meetings between French and Danish students are also planned.

When: May 2022
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Prof. Heidi Bojsen
Field of study: French language, sociology
Number of students: 14
Level of study: BA & MA

The seminar proposes an academic approach (research and seminars) on the issue of “Gender and Migration in the light of the new European Pact on Migration and Asylum”. The study should be carried out considering the new legal system that is taking place since September 2020 in the European Union in order to regulate in a spirit of administrative and social efficiency the migration issues in Europe. This new philosophy that is attached to migration issues seeks to strengthen the political, legal and social ties between the EU member states through the expression of solidarity and mutual understanding at the level of a very violent and serious social crisis (migration).

When: November 2021
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Prof. Panagiotis Grigoriou
Field of study: Sociology
Number of students: 10
Level of study: BA & MA

The aim of the project is to study the production/manufacturing process of a characteristic local product (of Greece and of the partner country) and propose changes in the process in the framework of SDG12 and circular economy.

When: March – April 2022
Partner University: University of Roskilde
Academic coordinators: Ass. Prof. Anna Maria Kotrikla / Hatziantoniou Maria
Field of study: Environmental Management
Number of students: 10
Level of study: BA

Globalization of the markets and media has not provided fast equalization in consumer behaviour around the world. Therefore, the knowledge in complex nature of consumer behaviour is highly needed. The seminar aims to list the characteristics of consumer behaviour, factors which influence it, as well as to outline difference(s) in existing consumption patterns around Europe.

When: To be Announced
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Dimitar Trendafilov
Field of study: International business development
Number of students: 2-3
Level of study: MA

This course introduces students of the second year to selected problems in French phonology, which are discussed on the basis of selected texts. The goal of the course is to acquire a comprehensive, descriptive understanding of the phonological system of French as well as to be able to apply basic concepts of phonological theory.

When: To be announced
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Prof. Georg Kaiser
Field of study: Linguistics
Number of students: 10-15
Level of study: BA

This project aims to compare, from selected cases in Europe, and particularly in France and Denmark, how contemporary debates on degrowth influence the ways of living in a city and in a university. The objective is, on the one hand, to initiate exchanges the Nordic Urban Planning Studies team of the University of Roskilde in the fields of pedagogical innovation (project-based pedagogy specific to the institution) and its consequences on the development of the university (collaborative workspaces, third places) and, on the other hand, on the forms of urban innovation in social and spatial practices and planning policies in the cities of Roskilde and Copenhagen.

When: To be announced
Partner University: University of Roskilde
Academic coordinator: Alain Sinou
Field of study: Urban Planning
Number of students: 10-12
Level of study: MA

The students will work on urgent and complex issues raised by the detention of migrants in the camps of Lesbos, in the double context of European border policy and the geopolitics of migratory flows through Greece.
The pedagogical objectives of the project target the collective dimension of the internship, the active and dialogical working methods, the understanding of the ethical and methodological stakes of the field, and the production of textual and audiovisual contents restituting the experience.

When: November 2021
Partner University: University of Aegean
Academic coordinator: Eric Fassin
Field of study: Sociology / Gender studies
Number of students: 10
Level of study: MA

The project “Cooperative expertise workshops in companionship” foresees the mobility of the members of the cooperative expertise workshop “Care in sensitive territory” at the University of Roskilde for 4 days. This exchange will allow students from both universities and their pedagogical/coaching teams to exchange on their respective practices of working in project mode and their relations to the territory. The workshop is composed of about ten master’s students, from different disciplines, mobilised for 6 months to co-build with local actors a deliverable that can respond to a social issue.

When: June-July 2022
Partner University: University of Roskilde
Academic coordinator: Chloé Lemeunieur
Field of study: Territorial Empowerment
Number of students: 10
Level of study: MA

The project wishes to experiment a new pedagogy of research-training-creation involving three groups of actors: the student team (main actor); the teaching team; associations and companies in the area. The project will be co-constructed by students and teachers from the three partner universities and will focus on spatial planning, a central issue in the context of an international pandemic.

When: June 2022
Partner University: University of Roskilde
Academic coordinators:  Charlotte BALLAY-DALLY (Université Paris 8 – FR), Véronique CLEMENT-COMPAROT (Université Paris 8 – FR), Nédra MELLOULI-NAUWYNCK (Université Paris 8 – FR), Kim SANDHOLDT (Roskilde Universitet – DK)
Field of study: Spatial Planning
Number of students: 25
Level of study: BA

Following the transformation with digital and analogue means of a war memorial dating from 1872 in Tettnang, the aim of this project is to built up a similar virtual/real mourning site in France and connect the places. Rather than indicating to a war seperating culture, this could establish a shared, truly European space of mourning. This site will be specific and dynamic: all stories narrated within the newly devised memorial will be connected to the Tettnang on the one hand and the respective French sites on the other.

When: TBA
Partner University: Paris 8
Academic coordinator: Prof. Albert Kümmel-Schnur
Field of study: Media / Arts
Number of students: 15
Level of study: 

ERUA Teaching Exchanges

Academic year 2023

The ERUA Teaching Exchanges give an opportunity to establish collaboration in different fields of interest with colleagues from our ERUA partner universities. The Teaching Exchanges are meant as a first step to get to know the partners: Initial contacts are set up via a virtual or physical exchange within the framework of seminars or lectures and thus draw out opportunities for further cooperation.

Please find here the 2023 ERUA Teaching Exchanges Call. Any questions? Please contact Charlotte Langowski

Virtual Exchanges

Virtual Exchange is an innovative and flexible form of online learning and has become very popular among teachers who want to internationalise their course and promote intercultural dialogue and soft skills development among students. These new forms of teaching are a real chance for our alliance and could allow more and more students to have an international experience while staying at home university.

To increase the expertise in VE and therefore offer a quality training to ERUA students, workshops and trainings are organised in collaboration with UNICollaboration throughout the academic year.

For further information, please contact Chloé Le Moal (

A 5-days advanced training course, Collaborative Class-To-Class Virtual Exchange Design, will be held online on 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th and 16th September from 9:00 to 13:00 CET.

The course is addressed to all teachers interested in developing their own VE with other colleagues of the ERUA alliance.

The aim of this course is to present to teachers the required steps to design and implement a successful class-to-class virtual exchange project. Participants will be provided with all the digital and pedagogical tools to co-design their own VE project in collaboration with another teacher of the alliance.

More information on this training course: here

Application deadline: 26th August

The detailed program will be available soon.

The training Introduction to Virtual Exchange will be held online, on June 1st, 3rd, 8th, 10th from 09:00 to 13:00 CET.

Participants will be introduced to VE through experimental learning and will understand the requirements to successfully integrate VE into existing courses and curricula.

The training course is addressed to all teaching, technical and administrative staff of the alliance, interested in implementing and/or coordinating VE projects.

More information on this training:

Application deadline 20th May, 2022.

The detailed program is available here.

Joint Summer / Winter Schools

Teaching Opportunities for Academic Staff

The ERUA Summer School 2022 “INNOVATION & SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT FOR EUROPE” will take place in July/August at the University of Konstanz.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic lecturers who would like to share their research, expand their international networks and gain teaching experience.

You can find the call with all further information here

Application Deadline: April 14, 2022

Service Learning

Service learning (SL) is an innovative form of pedagogy that combines the learning objectives of university courses with local community service to enhance students’ personal and professional growth and the common good. The main themes of service learning are oriented towards civic engagement, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation in sustainable development.

In the framework of ERUA, we would like to develop a joint service learning project.

For further information, please contact Chloé Le Moal (

The theme of the joint service learning project is solidarity/hospitality, it comprises a theoritical and a pratical part. The theoritical part will take at the New Bulgarian University at the end of June/beginning of July 2023. The students will acquire knowledge and competences to be prepared for the challenges they may encounter and then they should start their volunteering experience.

We are looking for academic and administrative staff to contribute to the design and the delivery of the project.

More information on this project: here

Application deadline: 7 February 2023

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