University of the Aegean

The University of the Aegean (UAegean)

The University of the Aegean (UAegean) was founded in 1984, and is a “peripheral” University, as a multi-insular network of “academic ports of studies and research” and is located on six islands spread across the Aegean Archipelago with a unique natural, cultural and human environment to experience.
The Headquarters and Administration of the UAegean are in Mytilene (the capital of Lesvos island), while its various Departments are to be found in Mytilene, Chios, Karlovasi, Rhodes, Ermoupoli and Myrina (capitals of the respective Aegean islands, that is those of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes, Syros and Lemnos). In this way, the University of the Aegean is a University-Network covering both the North and the South Aegean Regions through its multiple campuses, and acting as Regional Innovator in the Aegean Archipelago.
The University of the Aegean has managed to convert features considered by many as “disadvantages”, i.e. insularity and multi-division, into a good practice for decentralized operation, through the use of digital informatics and communications, extensive high speed networks. The digital connectivity in island campuses offers high quality research and also e-learning and e-governance activities, which ensures cost savings due to the decrease of transportation, the balanced management and development of all University Units of the Institution.

What does being part of ERUA mean for us?

Taking into account current and future challenges, such as supporting innovation, promoting research, encouraging entrepreneurship, improving knowledge transmission, attracting new researchers, researchers to the labour market, coping to societal and cultural needs ERUA for UAegeans:

  • generates fresh capability and competitive advantage,
  • creates new organizational culture,
  • open knowledge transfer, coordinated curricula,
  • new opportunities, new funding and new shared resources for inter-institutional faculty research, education, and innovation,
  • gives stability for all (as an ‘operational alliance’), effectiveness (creating new activities in response to a changing environment) and contributes to the regional and insular development in Aegean Archipelagos, as well.

Through ERUA, UAegean can provide a real-life (as opposed to “academic”) experience for graduate students seeking a global and transdisciplinary experience whereas ERUA can be experience and ERUA is a key factor influencing organizational resilience and stability.

Where are we located?

  • in 6 islands of the Aegean Sea
  • on the Eastern borders of the European Union
  • covering both the North and the South Aegean Regions and acting as Regional Innovator in the Aegean Archipelago

What are we known for?

  •  Unique Environment: breathtaking islands, “areas of intense natural beauty“
  • Islands /campuses as ‘laboratories’ for sustainability and research
  • Ecological Mindset, Synergies with Society, Economy and Democracy
  • Knowledgeable communities in the cradle of ancient Knowledge,
  • Qualified teaching staff and co-students, education, training, vocational training experience

What are our research priorities?

  • Societal Challenges: Culture, Societies, Humanities, Economy, Geography
  • Blue and Green Growth: Environment, Maritime, Shipping and Transport, Food& Nutrition
  • Digital Transformation & Innovation: Mathematics, Engineering, ICT, Product Design

Who are our international partners?

  • 210 international partner universities
  • 84 Bilateral Memorandum of Understanding with international universities
  • Numerous research teams & collaborations in international environment
  • UAegean is connected with 5 European ESFRI RIs: CESSDA_GR (social sciences, in Lesvos), FoodOmicsGR (Agrofood, in Lesvos), Apollonis (Language digital Technologies, in Rhodes), HIMIOFoTS and CMBR (Marine science & Marine Biological Resources, in Lesvos)
  • Joint international postgraduate programmes in Marine and Environmental sciences and Joint European PhD programs
  • Summer Schools every year bring researchers, students from all over the world
  • Center of Languages in the School of Human Sciences
  • Hellenic Chinese Centre for Language & Culture at UAegean

University of the Aegean in Numbers

21.251 students
324 Faculty Members
95 Special Scientific and Technical Personnel
92 Postdocs
291 Administrative Personnel
6 Schools -18 Departments
More than 100 research laboratories and research groups in every campus-island

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