European University Viadrina

The European University Viadrina is a young reform university that made internationalisation at the core of its mission.

The University is situated at the German-Polish border, It was re-founded after the German Reunification with the special mission of fostering European Integration by building bridges to and developing dialogue with the neighbour country Poland and the other Eastern European countries. The University has accomplished this mission by becoming a recognized institution for education and research on Europe, European Integration, border studies and migration.

It has increasingly become a platform for political and social dialogue with the cross-border region and a space for experimentation of new challenge-based teaching and learning methods.

The European University Viadrina is a place where inclusion matters, disadvantaged groups gain access to University and women are empowered to reach leading positions in science and society.

What does being part of ERUA mean for us?

“ERUA means developing together with our partners a new university experience for our students, researchers, staff and regions. An international, experimental, engaged and sustainable reform university for the future”.

Prof. Eva Kocher, President of the European University Viadrina

  • Widening and deepening the scope of international cooperation in mobility, education and research
  • Engaging together in reform-oriented teaching and learning formats inspired to challenge-based learning and advancing key competences such as communication, interculturality, conflict resolution, digital literacy and multilinguality.
  • Fostering empowerment, engagement and participation of our students within the international, intercultural ERUA environment
  • Training global citizens capable of working across borders, with an inclusive vision of innovation, entrepreneurship and research to address the challenges of out time for the future of next generations

Four things you should know about the European University Viadrina

Where are we located?

We are located in the City of Frankfurt (Oder) at the German-Polish border. The University shares part of the Campus, the “Collegium Polonicum” as joint scientific institution with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań on the Polish side of the river.

What are we known for?

We have been constantly ranked among the top-five most international universities in Germany by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

We have been repetedly ranked in top-position by the Student Satisfaction Survey conducted by the German Centre for University Development (CHE)

Our location is part of our mission. Since our foundation, we have been building bridges between the East and the West of Europe. We started well before the EU enlargement. Viadrina shares the European mission of the city in which it is located, the twin city Frankfurt (Oder) – Slubice.

Viadrina is one of the few universities in Germany to achieve the EU goal of having more than 50% of its students go abroad during their studies. In addition to the exchange programmes, the university offers students more than 20 integrated double degrees. The practice of recognizing foreign credits has received several awards.

More than 30% of Viadrina students come from abroad – from more than 100 countries.

What are our research priorities?

We are specialized in the Social Sciences and Humanities and particularly in the field of European Studies dealt with from different disciplinary perspectives. Our transfaculty interdisciplinary research centres are specialized in topics such as Polish Studies, Migration, Borders, Conflict Management and Digital Transformation.

Who are our international partners?

Since our foundation, we have developed a strong partnership with the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, with joint study programmes, research cooperations and a joint scientific institution. 

The university has a network of more than 280 international partner universities on all 5 continents, with which it cooperates institutionally in research and teaching. 75% of these universities are located in Europe. Of particular importance is the cooperation with universities from the countries of the so-called Weimar Triangle, i.e. France and Poland.

We are members of the European University Association (EUA) and are currently presiding the International Network of Universities (INU)


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