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Architectural Photography

black DSLR camera floating over man's hand at the woods

The online course aims at gaining specialized knowledge and professional skills in shooting architectural photography, as well as creating a corpus of photographic work on the campuses of ERUA. The theoretical work in the course of architectural photography comprises usage of proper equipment, settings of the camera and lens, preparation for the session, rules of […]

The Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity

green mountains under blue sky during daytime

The study of the material culture of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity requires an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing a series of humanities and social sciences. The course aims to present the archaeological evidence on a series of topics related with historical processes in Late Antiquity. We tackle topics such as the sphere […]

Impasto and abstract painting for Everyone

blue and white water splash

In this intensive course students will be introduced in world of fine art and painting. Impasto painting and abstract painting are very well known styles that are easy to achieve with the proper technique for the particular task. We will discuss the role of brush strokes, palette knife strokes and the material aspect of art […]

Art in public spaces

blue, black, and orange abstract painting

In this course students will have the chance to study the relationship between artworks and their environment. Starting from the observation of historic and contemporary works – ranging from monuments to street art- we will question the different forms of dialogue between art and public space, including  their urban, cultural and political context. Students are […]

Summer School “Framing solutions and drivers for change?”

Focus Topic: SDG’s An interdisciplinary summer course about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in research and practice Roskilde University offers a Summer School from 14th to 25th August 2023. In a world of different colliding crises, the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a framework and platform from which solutions and changes can be developed. […]

Advertising Academy @ NBU

Advertising Academy is a tripartite project of New Bulgarian University, the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers and the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies with participation of more than 300 students (both bachelor and master level) who work in teams under the mentorship of representatives of advertisers and advertising agencies from over 50 brands from Bulgaria and […]

International Communication

blue and white globe with blue plastic frame

Organizational unit: Centre for Transferable Skills Background Today’s working world has become diverse in terms of colleagues and clients. Although quite exciting, interaction in increasingly diverse environments can also be quite challenging in terms of working style, differing values and attitudes towards, and communication in a lingua franca that is not one’s own language. In […]

Gender Binaries and Linguistic Practices

comfort room signage

Organizational unit: Department of Literature, Art and Media Studies The course is about the study of the relationship between language and society. It would highlight the various functions that a language performs in a society which results in disparity of genders. Therefore, this course aims at exploring the role of gender as a sociolinguistic variable […]

Age and Gender Partialities Based on Socialinguistic Practices

group of person walking on road

Organizational unit: International Office The seminar is about the study of the relationship between language and society. It aims to discuss that the use of languages in the societies are governed by gender, age, class, race etc. Therefore, these factors play an important part in maintaining social roles and creating power structures in a society. […]