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Corpus Methods in Linguistics – compilation, annotation, and quantitative analysis

Paris 8 University is pleased to announce their upcoming Summer Intensive Program “Corpus Methods in Linguistics–compilation, annotation, and quantitative analysis”, to be held 5-9 June 2023.

This will be a 30h week-long course consisting of:

–morning sessions devoted to data collection, extraction and organization, as well as DIY corpus building

–afternoon sessions focusing on statistical analysis of the data produced during the morning sessions

–several half-day sessions on automatic annotation and manual annotation methods

Participants will learn how to:

–formulate advanced search queries in a concordancer (e.g. TextSTAT, AntConc)

–compile a text corpus with BootCaT

–automatically annotate a text corpus in TreeTagger

–manually annotate a text corpus in UAM CorpusTool

–measure keyword specificity and collocation strength using AntConc

–perform statistical analyses of categorical variables in R

This program is intended primarily for researchers and upper-level students (Masters or Doctorate).  Tuition will be 90€ (60€ reduced rate for students from Paris 8).  To participate*, or request further information, please send an email to the organizers indicating name, status (e.g. Doctoral student, Post-doctoral researcher, Faculty) and 5 keywords describing your research interests using this link.

Please note that this is an international Summer School and that we will work with corpora in English, French and possibly other languages.  Knowledge of French is thus an advantage but is not strictly necessary.

Duration: 4 days

Prerequisites: Students and Researchers who would like to register for this course should send an email to Daniel Henkel (, subject of the email:
Summer Corpus Intensive and answer these questions:
How/Where did you learn about the Paris 8 Summer Corpus Intensive?:
Discipline: Linguistics
Period: – 5 – 9 June 2023
Format: On-site
Number of ERUA Students: No Limit
Language: English (Knowledge of French is thus an advantage but is not strictly necessary) 
Student Level: Researchers and upper-level students (Masters or Doctorate)
Application Deadline: 07/04/2023