Architectural Photography

The online course aims at gaining specialized knowledge and professional skills in shooting architectural photography, as well as creating a corpus of photographic work on the campuses of ERUA.

The theoretical work in the course of architectural photography comprises usage of proper equipment, settings of the camera and lens, preparation for the session, rules of composition as lines and perspective, shapes and patterns, usage of light sources to create space and clean appearance, shooting HDR and postproduction with editing software. Students will employ this knowledge in creative way to put emphasis on the unique features of constructed spaces and highlight particular details. The curriculum will include historical overview of significant architectural photographers and comprehensive analysis of specificities of their work. Ultimately, the course will arrive to photography of educational buildings and prompt students to create visual narratives on exterior and interior design and activity-defined places. 

After achieving the basic level of theoretical knowledge and while advancing their studies, students will explore the campus of their university. They will be engaged in creating photographic series on exterior and interior design by using their equipment in a proper way, following the compositional rules, proper usage of light and moreover, seeking to capture the uniqueness of each space. During the classes their work will be discussed, so they could reshoot some photographs finding the ideal view point and light conditions, and improve their photographs in the stage of postproduction. 

The final product of the course will be multiple individual projects capturing the architecture of the campuses of ERUA, which could be displayed online or shown in an exhibition. 


– October 2023 – January 2024

Format: Online

Language: English

Student Level: Bachelor, Masters and PhD Students

Number of ECTS: 1

Number of Students: 20

Prerequisites and registration procedures (i.e. language, fee, registration dates)

The course is eligible for students enrolled in BA and MA programs on Photography, Visual Arts, Architecture and Design. 

Mandatory technical equipment and software:

– DSLR Camera

– Image editing software: Adobe Photoshop or Whiteroom

Recommended technical equipment: 

– Wide-angle Lenses

– Tilt-shirt Lenses

– Tripod


Duration, Application Deadline and How to apply

Application Deadline: 10/09/2023

Ready to Get Involved? Apply below.

E-mail to Ms Slavena Nikolova

Marcia Tiburi – TERRADORADA (paintings exhibition) – Auditorium MR002

Deavan Michelle La Tray – Chroma Depth (paintings exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Eva Dimitrova – Beauty without filters (photgraphy exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Michail Bakas – Equality in Life, Society and Education Human stories. Another road to the European Dream (photography exhibition) – University Entrance Hall

Indira Sofia Molina Caliz – Au sud du sud (dance performance) – Hall Auditorium MR002 – Closing session, cocktail time.

All performances will be available on November 8 except for the dance performance which will be held just before the cocktail.