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Sustainability Communication

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In this course, you will explore the role of communication in relation to sustainability and sustainable development. After expanding your disciplinary and terminological background, the lecture focuses on the three dimensions of sustainability communication, communication of sustainability (Marketing and product communication, PR and organizational communication), communication about sustainability (i.e. climate change & sustainability representations in […]

Open Science Toolkit

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In 2018, the European Commission-funded project Facilitating Open Science Training for European Research (FOSTER) launched an online training toolkit with ten modules covering key topics of Open Science theory and practice. The introductory to advanced levels modules introduce OS and components of OS, including practical tips for getting started with OS, and provide information on […]

Digital Entrepreneurship (openHPI)

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This course is based on the openHPI course Digital Entrepreneurship by Prof. Dr. Katharina Hölzle, Dr. Robert Rose, Valeska Maul and Nina Bachmann, available for reuse under a CC BY-NC-SA licence. What exactly does digital entrepreneurship mean, and how does it differ from “classic” entrepreneurship? How does digital entrepreneurship influence the economy and society? How […]

Critical Media Literacy: Tackling Information Disorder in the Digital Age

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Living and working in our modern world, we are confronted with a constant stream of ‚alternative facts ‘, propaganda, hoaxes, rumours, and advertising – while it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish fact from fiction to navigate the digital media world successfully. Efforts to exploit media’s technical, social, economic, and institutional configurations can catalyze […]

Sustainability Marketing

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Whether it is coping with ‘Peak Oil’, meeting the challenge of climate change, helping farmers in poorer countries through fair trade, or finding ways to keep discarded products out of the landfills, sustainability issues are the biggest challenges facing businesses. The course shows how the complexities of sustainability issues can be integrated into marketing. The […]

Digital Humanities: an introduction to methods

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This practice-oriented seminar introduces a variety of methods from the growing field of Digital Humanities. The focus is placed on the reflective application of digital methods, from data acquisition to analysis, visualisation and communication of research. • When does it make sense to collect data, and when is it appropriate to use archives and publicly […]

Corpus Methods in Linguistics – compilation, annotation, and quantitative analysis


Paris 8 University is pleased to announce their upcoming Summer Intensive Program “Corpus Methods in Linguistics–compilation, annotation, and quantitative analysis”, to be held 5-9 June 2023. This will be a 30h week-long course consisting of: –morning sessions devoted to data collection, extraction and organization, as well as DIY corpus building –afternoon sessions focusing on statistical […]

Architectural Photography

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The online course aims at gaining specialized knowledge and professional skills in shooting architectural photography, as well as creating a corpus of photographic work on the campuses of ERUA. The theoretical work in the course of architectural photography comprises usage of proper equipment, settings of the camera and lens, preparation for the session, rules of […]

The Balkan Peninsula and the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity

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The study of the material culture of the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean in Late Antiquity requires an interdisciplinary approach, encompassing a series of humanities and social sciences. The course aims to present the archaeological evidence on a series of topics related with historical processes in Late Antiquity. We tackle topics such as the sphere […]

Impasto and abstract painting for Everyone

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In this intensive course students will be introduced in world of fine art and painting. Impasto painting and abstract painting are very well known styles that are easy to achieve with the proper technique for the particular task. We will discuss the role of brush strokes, palette knife strokes and the material aspect of art […]