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Advertising Academy @ NBU

Advertising Academy is a tripartite project of New Bulgarian University, the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers and the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies with participation of more than 300 students (both bachelor and master level) who work in teams under the mentorship of representatives of advertisers and advertising agencies from over 50 brands from Bulgaria and the world. This is the 10th edition of the initiative.

Advertising Academy gives real knowledge and skills to students of the advertising and communication studies. What’s more, it introduces participants to the advertiser-advertising agency relationship in a fun and useful format, taking them through all the steps of developing an advertising strategy – from the brief, through brainstorming and planning, to creating real creative products.

Advertising Academy runs for 5 days, from 13 to 17 February 2023. The first day is dedicated to lectures and introduction to the business cases the students work on. The next days are for practical work. The students are divided into teams, which include students from different disciplines – advertising, design, PR, marketing, entrepreneurship, media, music, cinema, animation, visual arts, theatre, photography, etc. They create an overall communication strategy and creative products. On the fourth day, the projects are presented to a jury of creative directors and brand managers. The last day is for feedback, networking and….awards.

Full information is available here:

Duration: 5 days


Prerequisites: – No prerequisites
Period: – 13 to 17 February 2023
Format: On-site
Number of ERUA Students: No Limit
Number of ETCS: No Limit
Language: Bulgarian, English
Student Level: All