Sustainability Communication

In this course, you will explore the role of communication in relation to sustainability and sustainable development. After expanding your disciplinary and terminological background, the lecture focuses on the three dimensions of sustainability communication, communication of sustainability (Marketing and product communication, PR and organizational communication), communication about sustainability (i.e. climate change & sustainability representations in the media or in political discourses) and communication for sustainability (i.e. social movements, stakeholder engagement and participatory approaches). The lecture-units are complemented by interviews and dialogues with experts from the sister disciplines such as science and environmental communication, communication for social change and journalism and media research. The course ends with an outlook into future research fields and questions as well as perspectives for professional communication.

Prerequisites: None
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Discipline: Transferable Skills
Period: – Self-paced, exam date TBA
Format: Online (asynchronous E-Learning) 
Number of ERUA Students: 1
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: English
Student Level: Any
Application Deadline: If places are still available, applications may be accepted up until a few days before the exam