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Animation in Business/Business in Animation

a white origami object on a red background

Workshop organized by: Univ, of the Aegean (UAegean), AnimaSyros Agora, A. Onassis foundation, Institut Francais de Grece, ASIFA Hellas, UAegean Future Lab at Syros Businesses evolve in an animated environment operating in local, regional, and international context. It is therefore natural to adopt animation tools and techniques to visualise changing environments. Furthermore, Animation Businesses provide […]

Dancing Democracy: Migration as Co-Creation

a couple of people that are dancing on a stage

Christiane “La Mona” Seitter, flamenco dancer and dance teacher Dr. Silvana Karina Figueroa-Dreher, cultural sociologist “Nur wer sich ändert, bleibt sich treu.” (only those who change remain true to themselves – Wolf Biermann) We want to look at migration as a benefit to society, without any ifs and buts. To enjoy coming into contact with […]

Comparative Politics

building during day

An investigation of different political and administrative systems from the comparative politics perspective. Regular attendance and active participation are indispensable requisites for successful results. To be awarded 4 or 6 credits, participants are required to hold one presentation or one presentation and one written assignment, respectively, on course-relevant topics of their choice. As this course […]

Theory/ Photography and Photoshop “The image and its manipulation”

a couple of men standing on a rock in front of a bridge

From the first use of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic software, we are confronted with the practical, theoretical and ethical question of the “manipulation” of the image. Manipulate will be the word that will challenge throughout an intensive week during which ERUA students will participate.  We are going to submit several images to processing, to various exercises, […]

International Summer School in Cognitive Science

brown tree

The International Summer School in Cognitive Science is a unique event, which brings together students and researchers all over the world and it’s a platform for collaboration. The Summer School in Cognitive Science gives an opportunity to students and young researchers to be acquainted with a range of current topics and achievements in cognitive science […]

Bambara Copular Sentences

A multi-copular language is a language that possesses more than one copular. The multi-copular languages we know hitherto have two copulas: (Spanish: ser/estar), (Irish:bì/is). Mono-copular languages exist too: (French: être), (English: be). When it come to Bambara, there are four copulatives elements: dòn, bɛ́  yé, ká. Each form requires a specific usage. In order to […]

Open Science: Basic Course

Books File on Book Shelves

Policymakers and research funders support Open Science – but what are the benefits for you as a student, researcher or teacher? This online course introduces you to the different aspects of Open Science in research and teaching. The focus is on open access publishing, research data management and sharing teaching materials as free educational resources. […]

Mass media in post-communist Europe

Elvis Presley Digital Wallpaper

The course outlines the specific features of media systems in European countries, which used to be part of the communist world. The first module of the course is devoted to the transition from communist media logic to a democratic one. The focus is not only on Balkan states, but also on those beyond the European […]

Main Concepts and Schools in Literary Theory

White Clouds and Blue Sky

The course traces the major concepts and schools in literary theory. It analyses the emergence of literary theory in the early 20th century and discusses how the concepts of literature, text, and the relationship between content and form are understood by different literary theoretical strategies. It presents the main debates between the schools of literary […]