Theory/ Photography and Photoshop “The image and its manipulation”

From the first use of Photoshop and Lightroom Classic software, we are confronted with the practical, theoretical and ethical question of the “manipulation” of the image. Manipulate will be the word that will challenge throughout an intensive week during which ERUA students will participate.  We are going to submit several images to processing, to various exercises, in particular in a learning context to discover the possibilities of Photoshop and Lightroom, and to reflect together on how these treatments lead us more or less towards a form of dishonesty. Because images interpret, observe, sell, seek to influence…

During an intensive week entitled “The image and its manipulation”, the students will be able to devote 16 hours of work to learning the most relevant possibilities offered by the reference software that is Photoshop. They will reflect on the issue of manipulation – from manipulation as a physical gesture to manipulation as an act of lying. Why and when does the photographer or retoucher choose to manipulate the image? For what reasons? Is handling a matter of ethics? Students will learn the meanings of professional vocabulary (white correction, color correction, saturation, vibration, layer, etc.), then have to complete 10 exercises as well as a personal project during this week.

For each exercise the students will have 2.30 hours.

Including 30 min of theory and 2 hours of practice.

During this week they will have to make a photomontage on a current topic of their choice.

Prerequisites: The course is open to students in photography and visual arts.
a couple of men standing on a rock in front of a bridge
Discipline: Visual arts/Photography
Period: 25.09 – 30.09.2023
Format: Onsite
Number of ERUA Students: 5
Number of ETCS: 2
Language: French, Bulgarian
Student Level: Bachelor, Master
Application Deadline: 10.09.2023