Mass media in post-communist Europe

The course outlines the specific features of media systems in European countries, which used to be part of the communist world. The first module of the course is devoted to the transition from communist media logic to a democratic one. The focus is not only on Balkan states, but also on those beyond the European Union. The second module includes information about the current media landscape in post-communist countries and their specific characteristics. At the end of the intensive course, students are given an assignment, which presumes conducting brief research about a post-communist country’s media system (students choose one state) and presenting it in the form of an interactive media product.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of 20th century history
Elvis Presley Digital Wallpaper
Discipline: Journalism and communication 
Period: 1-6 June, 2023
Format: Hybrid
Number of ERUA Students: 10
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: English
Student Level: Bachelor
Application Deadline: 22/05/2023