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ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Digital methods for citation analysis

On January 26 between 14:00 and 14:45 (CET), the next ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Digital methods for citation analysis. In this Open Science Meet-Up, Dr. Marie Revellio (Department of Latin Studies, University of Konstanz) will present how she (further) developed and evaluated digital procedures for citation analysis as part of […]

Call for Expression of Interest: ERUA Social Engagement Project

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Service learning (SL) is an innovative form of pedagogy that combines the learning objectives of university courses with local community service to enhance students’ personal and professional growth and the common good. The main themes of service learning are oriented towards civic engagement, entrepreneurship, multidisciplinary and intersectoral cooperation in sustainable development. The theme of the ERUA joint service […]

Call for Application: Advertising Academy @ NBU

Advertising Academy is a tripartite project of New Bulgarian University, the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers and the Bulgarian Association of Communication Agencies with participation of more than 300 students (both bachelor and master level) who work in teams under the mentorship of representatives of advertisers and advertising agencies from over 50 brands from Bulgaria and […]

11th ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Christmas: Recap, Outlook and Christmas Game

Eleventh ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on December 15th the topic is: Christmas: Recap, Outlook and Christmas Game On December 15th between 14:00 and 14:45 (CET), the 11th ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Christmas: Recap, Outlook and Christmas Game Christmas is almost upon us! Just the […]

UP8 Funding for collaborative Research Project or Scientific events within ERUA

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UParis8 offer funding for collaborative Research Project or Scientific events. The ERUA label allows to invite researchers within ERUA (RUC, UKON, UEAGEAN and NBU) and from the new partners (ULPGC, Viadrina, UniMC, SWPS) to participate in research projects. – AAP Scientific event (Recherche, manifestation scientifique) with ERUA Label: 10000€ – AAP Collaborative project on a […]


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The ERUA Team Konstanz is setting up a CRITICAL THINKING module. Who has ideas and wants to get involved? We are looking for administrative as well as academic staff members from all over ERUA! Critical thinking is one of the many aspects that unites us as ERUA universities. Here in Konstanz, an ERUA module has […]

Tenth ERUA Open Science Meet-Up

On November 24 between 14:00 and 14:45 (CET), the 10th ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Repositories. Repositories are among the most important building blocks of Open Science. As storage services for digital objects like research data or journal articles, they are indispensable when it comes to publishing, (self-)archiving […]

The Mediterranean Platform

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The Mediterranean Platform brings together all the cultural study research activities on the Mediterranean at the University of Konstanz. Our regular colloqium serves to discuss new and ongoing MA, PhD and postdoctoral research projects on Mediterranean Studies across the ages and disciplines. Interested persons are invited to join the colloquium at the University of Konstanz, […]

#ERUAiDeaThon 2022

In the ERUA Alliance, as Reform Universities we continuously question and transform our institutions, by drawing upon the diverse experiences and backgrounds of the university community, which embody the diversity of the society around us and encourage and allow all to participate, in shaping the future of the university. The 2nd ERUA Summit “Innovation and […]