ERUA supports the EU Commission’s plans for a European degree

We at ERUA are thrilled to acknowledge the EU Commission’s announcement of a blueprint for a European degree. Introduced as a response to the evolving needs of students and universities, this initiative represents a significant step towards fostering greater collaboration, innovation, and mobility within the European Education Area.

The European Reform University Alliance is being built as a network of reform-oriented universities with a strong history of innovation, driven by reflecting upon, assessing and advancing alternatives to current models in higher education. The idea of overcoming national administrative barriers for future joint degrees has been at the core of ERUA’s vision and has been framed as one of the key objectives, as we have dedicated a task force to achieve it.

The task force is comprised by members from each of our Partner Universities who will leverage their expertise in setting up joint programmes and navigating national and international accreditation processes to identify and address hindrances within national legislations that impede the establishment of ERUA joint degrees. By collaborating with other European University alliances and engaging with relevant stakeholders to analyse the current landscape and provide actionable recommendations to authorities, we will join the effort presented by the EU Commission. This is a necessary step for our alliance to achieve the implementation of our joint programmes treating crucial European issues, such as migration, which are developed by international academic teams based on ERUA innovative initiatives.

As an alliance we are committed to supporting the European Degree Initiative. By setting demanding standards and promoting excellence in transnational cooperation, we aim to create a more diverse, interconnected, and student-centred European Education Area.

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