ERUA reimagining higher education

Working meeting of the Rectors of SWPS and NBU with the General Secretary of ERUA

In a meeting held between Professor Plamen Doynov, Rector of New Bulgarian University (NBU), Professor Roman Cieslak, Rector of SWPS, and Ms. Bruna Vives-Prat, General Secretary of ERUA, the strategic commitment to reshape the landscape of higher education was highlighted. This was the first visit of Mrs Vives-Prat to Bulgaria, it illuminated the shared values, goals and experience at the heart of ERUA and the partners’ will to generate a strong impulse to change our societies.

Bringing together NBU and SWPS, ERUA can be instrumental to spearhead a transformative agenda within the higher education sector, leveraging collective expertise and shared experiences. Particularly, the meeting highlighted Poland’s experience as a blueprint for Bulgaria’s forthcoming higher education reform.

Central to the discussions was the transition from a 4-year to a 3-year Bachelor’s degree program, underscoring the challenges and opportunities inherent in such a transition. Joint programs, degrees, and diplomas emerged as critical focal points, emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts in navigating administrative and regulatory hurdles. By synergizing best practices and leveraging NBU’s agency, ERUA stands poised to become a cornerstone in effecting these transformative changes particularly in the higher education system of Bulgaria

Ms. Vives-Prat emphasized the pivotal role of the alliance in facilitating the implementation of the EU Commission’s Blueprint for a European Degree. This strategic partnership signals a watershed moment in the evolution of higher education, with ERUA at the forefront of driving innovation and excellence in academia. Stay tuned.

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