Animation in Business/Business in Animation

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Workshop organized by: Univ, of the Aegean (UAegean), AnimaSyros Agora, A. Onassis foundation, Institut Francais de Grece, ASIFA Hellas, UAegean Future Lab at Syros Businesses evolve in an animated environment operating in local, regional, and international context. It is therefore natural to adopt animation tools and techniques to visualise changing environments. Furthermore, Animation Businesses provide […]

International Summer School in Cognitive Science

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The International Summer School in Cognitive Science is a unique event, which brings together students and researchers all over the world and it’s a platform for collaboration. The Summer School in Cognitive Science gives an opportunity to students and young researchers to be acquainted with a range of current topics and achievements in cognitive science […]

Mass media in post-communist Europe

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The course outlines the specific features of media systems in European countries, which used to be part of the communist world. The first module of the course is devoted to the transition from communist media logic to a democratic one. The focus is not only on Balkan states, but also on those beyond the European […]

Main Concepts and Schools in Literary Theory

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The course traces the major concepts and schools in literary theory. It analyses the emergence of literary theory in the early 20th century and discusses how the concepts of literature, text, and the relationship between content and form are understood by different literary theoretical strategies. It presents the main debates between the schools of literary […]

Legal English through Literary Fiction

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The course Legal English through Literary Fiction aims to introduce students to legal terminology in the wide- and wild- world context of literary fiction. The methodology touches upon Educational Drama through Scripted Role-Play, Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) and Learning English for Specific Purposes. The course offers spoken and written language practice to students […]

Gender Binaries and Linguistic Practices

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Organizational unit: Department of Literature, Art and Media Studies The course is about the study of the relationship between language and society. It would highlight the various functions that a language performs in a society which results in disparity of genders. Therefore, this course aims at exploring the role of gender as a sociolinguistic variable […]

Age and Gender Partialities Based on Socialinguistic Practices

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Organizational unit: International Office The seminar is about the study of the relationship between language and society. It aims to discuss that the use of languages in the societies are governed by gender, age, class, race etc. Therefore, these factors play an important part in maintaining social roles and creating power structures in a society. […]

Contemporary Dance – Improvisation and Choreography

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Organizational unit: International Office Do you love movement and dance? Do you want to experience dance and not only watch it? Then this will be a workshop for you. Let´s experience movements through imagery, fantasies and tasks. We will do a nice warm up, learn some techniques and possibly create a short choreography based on […]