ERUA Summer School: Innovation & Social Engagement for Europe

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Join the ERUA Summer School 2023 as a lecturer at the University of Konstanz Build international networks Gain teaching experience! Share your research! The ERUA Summer School “Innovation & Social Engagement for Europe” is designed for 50-80 Bachelor students of all fields who seek to discuss current challenges of the European society and further learn […]

Business language in Spanish

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Business language in Spanish Discipline: Trilingual international trade The course aims to improve students’ business Spanish, knowledge and fluency in various professional situations. To achieve this, we will offer synthetic subjects, texts, MCQs as well as exercises in order to help students communicate in Spanish in a professional context both in writing and orally, as […]

International trade relations in Spanish

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International trade relations in Spanish Discipline: Applied foreign languages In this course, students will work on their language skills (oral and written expression + oral and written comprehension) in order to achieve a good oral and written command of Spanish. In addition to linguistic knowledge and skills, students will acquire a solid understanding and deciphering […]