Re:ERUA is an ambitious project which aims at developing the research trajectory of the ERUA project.

In this project, we will set up an Engagement Strategy for the fields of research and innovation and build our capacity for its implementation within our Alliance. We intend to eventually unite all of our domain-specific strategies within this framework, including innovative teaching and learning.

The “engagement angle” is our ambitious way to implement the ERUA’s research strategy and ensure the global coherence of its outlook. As reform universities, a key motivation to map our trajectory towards the engagement approach is its potential to sharpen our critical edge, which is a core mission for each ERUA member. Collaboration with non-academic stakeholders is a crucial source of renewal and creativity for us and a means to assess existing processes and priority areas of development, test new ideas and ensure that we are indeed contributing continuously to the advancement and prosperity of society.

To achieve the goal of establishing an Engagement Strategy for ERUA, we will:

  • identify thematic and methodological convergences between the members of the alliance interrogate innovation through the lens of engaged research analyse the dynamics of co-creation processes at various interfaces, in order to foster human capital for Europe develop an Open Science toolbox as a crucial enabler for our engagement strategy.

Eventually, we will launch pilots and study cases to gather evidence about pathways to impact (internal and external) and models that might foster our institutional trajectory. The impact of these pilots and test cases will be assessed as the main criterion for evaluation and dissemination.