Business language in Spanish

The course aims to improve students’ business Spanish, knowledge and fluency in various professional situations. To achieve this, we will offer synthetic subjects, texts, MCQs as well as exercises in order to help students communicate in Spanish in a professional context both in writing and orally, as well as to learn about the work environment, resources and activities of a Spanish-speaking company, to discover the major economic sectors of Spain and Latin America, etc.

Form of examination:

– written exam / continuous monitoring /dissertation or activity for foreign students

Prerequisites: – Intermediate level in Spanish language
two people sitting during day
Discipline: Trilingual international trade
Period: – Fridays from January 20 to March 24 at 15:00, course duration: 3 hours
Format: Online
Number of ERUA Students: No Limit
Number of ETCS: 6
Language: Spanish
Student Level: Master
Application Deadline: 10/02/2023