Digital management

The course digital business management presents to students an interdisciplinary problem – that of digital management. Digital business management is associated with the use and creation of software (ICT field), management theory and practice (Business Administration), means, styles and models of communication (Mass communications), types of intelligence – emotional, social, mechanical / instrumental (Cognitive psychology). The course prepares students for practical application and use of digital tools and management channels by giving them an advantage in which of the two roles to fall on a client / contractor or manager / offering a service or product.

Duration: 2 days, 3 academic hours each day

Prerequisites: – no prerequisites
Discipline: Business communication
Period: – 22 november 2021 – 5 december 2021
Format: Hybrid and blended
Number of ERUA Students: 3/5
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: English
Student Level: Master
Application Deadline: 15/10/2021