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Artistic thought and visualisation of time – Documents, archives and collage (course in Spanish)

Pensamiento artístico y visualización del tiempo – Documentos, archivos y collage.

27-31 May 2024

Paris 8 University


In resonance with the Écologie des arts et des médias (EDAM) (Ecology of Arts and Media) master’s degree, this course offers an immersion in collage and reflections on its contemporary relevance. Collage will be understood here as a methodology of creation and a system of thought that proposes a creative syntax of discontinuity, capable of inventing temporal models that dynamite the chronopolitical regimes of accelerated contemporary societies.

Collage is a revolutionary optical order that resignifies fragments, pieces or ruins of epochs conveyed by the images, archives and documents with which it works and which it finds in the “iconic canisters of history” (René Passeron’s expression). Through this re-arrangement of images and archives from different temporalities, thus showing material traces of the past active in the present of creation, collage can reveal the physical, and poetic, existence of history. In this sense, collage stands as an instrument of thought that works on the solution of the aporias of time; it is a connector between lived time, the time of the world, physical time, and historical time, thus making possible the articulation between small and great history. Under the pulse of tireless energy, the collage’s machine for seeing thus operates as a system and a visual grammar of time, which reorganises the world and its signs and seeks to redistribute the meaning of time.

Under these premises, we will study the meaning of the word “archive” whose etymology comes from arkheîon, a place of authority or government building that alludes to order, efficiency and objectivity. In an antagonistic way and in resonance with multiple art practices, we propose to embrace the notion of the archive from the passion for the collection and accumulation of materials, opening space for chance, the subjective, the incomplete, the inclusion of texts and sketches, also problematising notions of classification and cataloguing, breaking them through appropriation and the invention of singular, arbitrary, rebellious orders. Creative exercises will focus on the materiality of paper and its relation to collage. These exercises in ‘healthy anachronism’ will question our relationship with the legibility of images and history and at the same time make it possible to imagine ways of reinventing the order of contemporary time.

We are looking for seven 3rd year BA or MA students from all ERUA universities enrolled in Arts or Human Sciences who wish to engage in experimental work in research creation. The examination will be in the form of Participation/presentation of a work resulting from the workshop activities.

Dates: from May 27th to May 31st, 2024.
Place: Paris, France
Funding: ERUA students can receive travel and accommodation funding from their home universities.

If you are interested, please submit a motivation letter no later than the 31st of March to that address: (The letter of motivation must be written in Spanish)

Prerequisites: Bachelor or Master degree in Arts or Human Sciences and B2 level in Spanish
Number of ERUA Students: 7
Number of ETCS: 6
Language: Spanish language proficiency
Student Level: 3rd year BA or MA
Application Deadline: No later than the 31st of March