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Open Science: Basic Course

Policymakers and research funders support Open Science – but what are the benefits for you as a student, researcher or teacher? This online course introduces you to the different aspects of Open Science in research and teaching. The focus is on open access publishing, research data management and sharing teaching materials as free educational resources. In this context, organizational, technical and legal best practices for publishing and preparing scientific data and texts are discussed in a practical manner. Moreover, some crucial building blocks of Open Science such as repositories and persistent identifiers are covered.

The course consists of eight modules. Each module consists of a screencast, slides, a script, and test questions.

– Open Science

– Open Access

– Research Data Management

– FAIR principles

– Repositories

– Persistent Identifiers

– Legal Questions

– Open Educational Resources

 Form of examination: Small test about each module

Prerequisites: No prerequisites
Books File on Book Shelves
Discipline: Cross-disciplinary
Period: – Self-paced
Format: Asynchronous self-paced online course
Number of ERUA Students: No Limit
Number of ETCS: 3 (please clarify whether and how many ECTS you may get for passing this course at your home university)
Language: English
Student Level: All Levels
Application Deadline: You can apply continuously