Samantha Charpentier, PhD researcher, Paris 8

Keywords: open science, open access

CHArt is an interdisciplinary laboratory that has been awarded, along with 22 other research units, the Institut Carnot badge. Its aim is to study natural and artificial cognitive systems and their pragmatic and semantic interactions. It applies the methods and techniques of experimental science, and computer modelling and simulation, bringing together cognitive, mathematical and algorithmic science. The modelling of any complex system requires experiments followed by data processing using computer analysis systems designed to simulate and predict the features of the complex system studied, extracting knowledge and detecting patterns.

Samantha is working on a PhD project on social robotics within child and adolescent psychiatry. The project aims at helping children with cognitive deficit using social robotics.

For Samantha, societal engagement and impact mean creating conditions for the general audience to benefit from the results of the research “I want my project to be usable by the greatest number of people”. She strives to make science accessible for everyone who needs it through the means of promoting open access and open science. At the same time, the researcher highlights the tensions between open access to science on the one hand, and, institutional and ethical constraints, on the other hand. She calls for more reflection about ways of overcoming contractions between personal data protection and open science accessible to the public.

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