Anna Kotrikla, Assistant Professor, University of the Aegean

Keywords: activism, youth engagement

In (2017) some of the students that Anna was teaching at the Management and Finance program proposed to form a voluntary, environmental group called Aegean Greeners. Even though the founders have graduated and members change every two years due to graduations, the group is still very active. The group organizes beach cleaning activities, workshops on waste management offered to young people, co-operates with the municipality and other local, voluntary groups. Through the group, relationships are formed between students of different schools and ages. Each member takes a role in the group naturally (as a leader, as an organizer, as a communication officer, etc.) depending on their abilities or even overcoming personal difficulties. For example, Anna has seen introverted students presenting the work of the group in public meetings.  The members are learning (and evolving), gaining skills by-doing. The project is student-led, and Anna is participating in it as a mentor.

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