Polina Mihova, Associate Professor, NBU

Keywords: social impact, open access

The project focuses on a distance learning program on the topic: eHealth – Assistance for People with Disabilities. It develops training courses and learning tools, including electronic interactive educational tools, animations, mobile applications, self-learning distance courses that can be used on an online platform by students, other learners, patients and their families to improve knowledge of the disorders themselves, skills and to obtain self-help where possible.

Polina talks about societal engagement as an opportunity to create useful tools and resources which could be open access for people who need them. In the case of this project, it is children with special needs and their families, as well as practitioners working with therapy.

Polina enumerates a list of resources which became available as a result of the project, for example, visualizations of multi-media materials and exercises for users who want to self- educate or a textbook “eHealth for people with disabilities”. Polina’s ambition is to make these and other future tools available for as many people in need as possible.

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