Associate Prof. Sidsel Lond Grosen, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University

Keywords: participatory methods; reflexivity; inclusion; transparency

In recent years, the financial sector has been characterized by increasing stress and decreasing well-being – working life is changing radically for many employees. The aim of the Future Work Lab was to create new knowledge about and tools to strengthen mental health in the digital working life of the future. Through seven experiments with companies in the financial sector, the project developed knowledge about challenges, opportunities and potential solutions that can strengthen mental health in digital working life. The project was primarily financed by the Velliv Foreningen, as well as the Norwegian Finance Association and the Swedish Insurance Association.

Sidsel describes engagement with participants in the project through participatory, reflexive, inclusive and transparent methodologies. The project employed participatory research through interventions – experiments in the workplaces. Transparency and inclusivity were achieved through participation of employees of all levels (leaders, junior staff, etc). Challenging the organizations to reflect on their own frame and use those reflections to develop ideas for a more sustainable work life added a strong element of reflexivity in the project. 

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