Anne Ganzert, University of Konstanz

It is an inter-university, interdisciplinary project that investigates media-cultural processes of Teilhabe, which in German signifies participation. By drawing on the concept of Teilhabe, the project problematizes the binary logic of inclusion and exclusion in order to grasp the complex logics and multi-faceted character of participation, especially to its specific temporalities, networked structures, and community building efforts. The subprojects analyze these processes of digital cultures in their concrete historical, political, infrastructural, or transcultural dimensions and situate them in relation to knowledge-power assemblages. The research unit takes an interdisciplinary approach to its research, which includes perspectives from media history as well as ethnographic, aesthetic, sociological and art historical frames of reference.

The researcher focuses on the importance and challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration in knowledge production: “It is refreshing when colleagues from other disciplines explain their ways on how they acquire knowledge.  When something makes sense or makes truths, it is different. Eg. If we analyze the meaning of ‘memes’ other disciplines do not understand. Knowledge, mindset etc. are different. Different ways of looking at the world and creating truths”. To foster collaborative and interdisciplinary knowledge production, Anne focuses on the importance of creating spaces among colleagues where people share unfinished work and ideas and give ideas to each other as an example of the anti-hierarchical culture.

Additional Information

Marcia Tiburi – TERRADORADA (paintings exhibition) – Auditorium MR002

Deavan Michelle La Tray – Chroma Depth (paintings exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Eva Dimitrova – Beauty without filters (photgraphy exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Michail Bakas – Equality in Life, Society and Education Human stories. Another road to the European Dream (photography exhibition) – University Entrance Hall

Indira Sofia Molina Caliz – Au sud du sud (dance performance) – Hall Auditorium MR002 – Closing session, cocktail time.

All performances will be available on November 8 except for the dance performance which will be held just before the cocktail.