Innovation and Reform in the Spirit of ERUA

The Second ERUA annual summit was held under the topic: Innovation and reform in the spirit of ERUA. From November 7th to 9th, 2022, the spirit of Innovation and Reform of the ERUA found its place at the University of Paris 8. The five universities’ working teams welcomed the ERUA’s new associate members.


Within three days, participants presented the work done on the ERUA and Re:ERUA projects in the last year was, outlined the directions of action and development, and discussed the challenges facing the academic, administrative and student communities.

The participants’ collaborative spirit, focus and motivation were evident on the second day of the meeting, when not only the rectors of the partner reform universities gave their welcoming words but also the students presented their universities. The enthusiasm for cooperation between universities was evident in the active participation of students from all five universities. The plenary session set the tone for collaboration, innovation and expansion of the Alliance with discussions on the importance of creating this cross-cultural and professional exchange, sharing good practices and developing the partner universities together.
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The second day of the summit was dedicated to all ERUAners, and focused on the main priorities and integration of all participants in the ERUA and Re:ERUA projects through several workshops on good practices and joint initiatives in teaching and intercultural learning, open science, the search for a shared sustainable environment and alternative definitions of excellence. Several projects were presented at the workshop “Challenge and experience your ideas with ERUAHAUS” and Defining Alternative excellence for the Alliance ERUA workshop.

The third day of the summit was dedicated to working on the project’s work packages, which included evaluation and planning, development and implementation of reform ideas. An Advisory Board meeting was held, and the links between the work packages and the development of the two related projects, ERUA and Re:ERUA, were discussed.
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Photo accreditation : Université Paris 8 – Service création audiovisuelle

The new associate members of the Alliance were welcomed: Uniwersytet SWPS (Poland), Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), Università degli Studi di Macerata (Italy), Europa-Universität Viadrina (Germany). Until now, the Alliance was established of universities of the University of Paris 8 (France), University of Roskilde (Denmark), University of Konstanz (Germany), University of the Aegean (Greece) and New Bulgarian University (Bulgaria).

During these three days, the sumo participants created new friendships and shared new ideas and plans.

On the ERUA website, you can find more information about the current activities. We believe that you can find partners for your ideas among the members of the Alliance and find an exciting event for you 

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