ERUA 2nd Annual Summit – Who cares about responsible research – and how?

Research session and discussion at the ERUA summit Paris 8.nov. 2022 14.00-15.30

Organisers: Katia Dupret, RUC, Sophie Wauquier, Carole Brunet Paris 8

Departing from a critique of the current mainstream view and organization of universities and responsible research that is extensively and to an increasing degree market driven and potentially silencing important knowledge, we provide an understanding of responsible research that re-connects research with society and permits inclusion of marginalized and/or oppressed traditions in knowledge making. We argue that a re-embodied care perspective (e.g. Gilligan 1991, Butler 1995, Tronto 1993) is a necessary approach to in fact make scientific knowledge available beyond the university walls.

Scientific knowledge we argue needs to be defined and conceptualized in ways that makes it possible to support and imagine sustainable futures also involving the voices of those that are mostly affected by inequality. Thus, truly creating social innovation. This goes beyond approaching the creation of scientific knowledge as matters of fact but engaging with research as “matters of care” (Puig de La Bellacasa’s 2011, 2017). Conducting research along those lines, can only successfully achieved through the collaboration and co-experience of researchers and stakeholders.

We propose in the workshop that researchers, and civil society, artists, students and others engage to discuss how responsible research in the light of caring can be conceptualized and conducted. We would like to brainstorm with the participants of how this can maybe be paving the way for formulating relevant methodologies of research for the future.

In this session we invite short scientific presentations that engages with the concept of care in relation to defining responsibility in research.

We will conduct the session in a dialogic way, where each presenter is invited to think about how the format of the presentation (20min) can involve the audience in a dialogic way. We will use the last part of the session to discuss possible further research collaboration on the topic.

Please send a description (500 words max) of what you wish to present and a few lines about how you would like to present it (the format). The deadline is: 1. October.


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