ERUA 2nd Annual Summit – Who cares about responsible research – and how?

Research session and discussion at the ERUA summit Paris 8.nov. 2022 14.00-15.30 Organisers: Katia Dupret, RUC, Sophie Wauquier, Carole Brunet Paris 8 Departing from a critique of the current mainstream view and organization of universities and responsible research that is extensively and to an increasing degree market driven and potentially silencing important knowledge, we provide […]

Save the Date: Second ERUA Annual Summit

On November 8, 2022, Université Paris 8 (Saint Denis, France) will host the 2nd ERUA Summit, bringing together students, teachers, researchers, administrative staff, external stakeholders and policymakers to debate on innovation in Higher Education, share experience and find new ideas to shape the future of our Alliance. What to expect? Numerous workshops, live sessions, emerging […]