Impasto and abstract painting for Everyone

In this intensive course students will be introduced in the world of fine art and painting. Impasto painting and abstract painting are very well known styles that are easy to achieve with the proper technique for the particular task. We will discuss the role of brush strokes, palette knife strokes and the material aspect of art in everyday life. Brief view of fine art history will be examined in the practical session during the first 3 days in search of the fundamentals connecting abstract images with emotions, shapes and forms. In the last day we will review the paintings from the students and the lecturer made during the intensive course.

The first three days we will have 3x 8 hour painting sessions and fine art history review.

In the last day we will have 6 hours dedicated to examinations of students works with contemporary up-to-date comparison between popular brands and artists and our works. We will discuss how to present our works in social media and made the best for our future advertisement.

Duration: 3 + 1 days

Prerequisites: None or some interests in fine arts
white, yellow, and red abstract painting
Discipline: Painting
Period: 6 – 8 October on-site
9 October hybrid (on-site and online)
Format: On-site + the last day hybrid
Number of ERUA Students: 20
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: English and Bulgarian
Student Level: Bachelor, Master
Application Deadline: 01/09/2022