European political models

The course considers the foundations, the establishment and the typology of the political regimes in the Europe in geopolitical prospect (which includes the comparison between the main geopolitical regions of the continent: Western Europe, Central-Eastern Europe, Balkan Europe, Post-Soviet Europe, Southern Europe, Nordic world etc.). The course gives essential knowledge on the geopolitical characteristic of the continent, the historical roots of the present political regimes, the political legacies and the main elements of the post-Cold-war political developments. Special emphasis will be given on the present party system, the political cleavages and the main socio-political conflicts. The impact of the European union on the national politics in the region will be also discussed.

Duration: 20 days

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge in politics and modern and contemporary history
blue flag on pole near building
Discipline: Politics
Period: 20/09/2022-30/09/2022 + 20/11/2022-30/11/2022
Format: Online
Number of ERUA Students: 15
Number of ETCS: 3
Language: English or French
Student Level: Bachelor
Application Deadline: 1/7/2022