Managing Diversity: Challenges of working in multicultural teams

Organizational unit: Centre for Transferable Skills
Course type: Online course

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.”
—Berners-Lee, inventor of the Worldwide Web, 2012

In a globalized world, working in an international environment with international teams is nothing unusual. Therefore, managing diversity and learning how to work in multicultural teams are two important/compulsory aspects in order to be successful in the 21st century.

As the title suggests, we will be working on techniques for understanding diversity and the challenges of working in a multicultural team.
We will look at what we consider to be culture. Do we just tolerate, accept or respect differences? What are the essential tools that can help us to look beyond differences? What are the tools that are necessary to help us to be open to others in order to recognize and value individuality?

This course will be a very communicatively based course where information and ideas are exchanged and analysed. You will work with case studies, do a lot of problem solving, work in teams, present and analyse tasks

The final grade will encompass:
– 100% attendance
– mini problem solving/case studies/ and or presentations
– a creation and presentation of a teambuilding exercise to understand and work in multicultural teams. This will be either done in teams or individually (depending on the number of participants in the course)
– a short reflective essay on a given theme


– Weekly, 28.04.22 – 14.07.22

– Thursdays 15:15 – 16 :45

Format: Online seminar

Form of examination: Active Participation, presentation, and written work

Language: English

Course coordinators: Monja de Silva

Student Level: All Levels

Number of Places: 2

Number of ECTS: 36

Prerequisites and registration procedures (i.e. language, fee, registration dates)

– There are no prerequisites

Duration, Application Deadline and How to apply

Duration: 28.4. 2022 – 14.7. 2022

Application Deadline: 11.04. 2022

If there are places still available, applications will be accepted up to 7 days before the start of the course (21.04)

Ready to Get Involved? Apply below.

You can apply by sending e-mail to:

Marcia Tiburi – TERRADORADA (paintings exhibition) – Auditorium MR002

Deavan Michelle La Tray – Chroma Depth (paintings exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Eva Dimitrova – Beauty without filters (photgraphy exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Michail Bakas – Equality in Life, Society and Education Human stories. Another road to the European Dream (photography exhibition) – University Entrance Hall

Indira Sofia Molina Caliz – Au sud du sud (dance performance) – Hall Auditorium MR002 – Closing session, cocktail time.

All performances will be available on November 8 except for the dance performance which will be held just before the cocktail.