Gender Disparity through Linguistic Behaviour

Organizational unit: Department of Literature, Art and Media Studies
Course type: Hybrid course

The course is about the study of the relationship between language and society. It will highlight the various functions that a language performs in a society which results in disparity of genders. Therefore, this course aims at exploring the role of gender as a sociolinguistic variable in the linguistic behaviour of males and females. Participants will learn past and contemporary theoretical approaches to the analysis of gendered linguistic practices which will enable them to examine these practices against a range of contexts. The participants will critically analyse how linguistic practices and patterns are shaped by gender, culture and society through the examination of issues relating to gender and language use in general and in patriarchal societies in particular. At the end of the course, the participant will describe and analyse the features of linguistic patterns/ practices in relation to gender. 


– Thursdays April 14 – July 21 

15 :15 – 16 :45

Format: Synchronous online and face-to-face

Form of examination: Presentation – Reaction Paper

Language: English

Course coordinators: Ms Ayesha Zafar

Student Level: Master level, higher Bachelor level (in 2. or 3. Year)

Number of Places: 5

Number of ECTS: 6. To receive the credits for this course, you are required to give a presentation on a topic agreed with the lecturer, and to submit a reaction paper. 6

Prerequisites and registration procedures (i.e. language, fee, registration dates)

– no prerequisites

Course literature:

– Litosseliti, L. (2006). Gender and Language: Theory and Practice. London: Hodder Arnold.

– Sunderland, J. (2006). Gender and Language: An advanced resource book. London: Routledge.

– Coates, J. (1998). Language and Gender. Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishing

– Penelope, E., and McConnell-Ginet, S. (2013). Language and gender. 2nd ed. UK: Cambridge University Press.

Duration, Application Deadline and How to apply

Duration: Thursdays 14 April – 21 July

Application Deadline: 28.03. 2022

Ready to Get Involved? Apply below.

You can apply by sending e-mail to:

Marcia Tiburi – TERRADORADA (paintings exhibition) – Auditorium MR002

Deavan Michelle La Tray – Chroma Depth (paintings exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Eva Dimitrova – Beauty without filters (photgraphy exhibition) – Hall Auditorium MR002

Michail Bakas – Equality in Life, Society and Education Human stories. Another road to the European Dream (photography exhibition) – University Entrance Hall

Indira Sofia Molina Caliz – Au sud du sud (dance performance) – Hall Auditorium MR002 – Closing session, cocktail time.

All performances will be available on November 8 except for the dance performance which will be held just before the cocktail.