Call for participation – “The Night of Ideas”

Date: March 10, 2022 from 5 to 10 pm (Germany, Denmark, and France) / from 6 to 11 pm (Bulgaria, Greece)

Every year, the Nuit des idées invites us to share knowledge and ideas across countries and cultures all around the world, encompassing all disciplines, arts and sciences alike, in order to listen to those who are taking the conversation forward in all fields. It is an opportunity to reflect on the major issues of our time. “The Night of Ideas” has become a global event, celebrated all around the world.

Celebrating the circulation of ideas across cultures, disciplines and generations, “The Night of Ideas” is an invitation to discover new ways of thinking, to listen to those who have theorized new ideas in specific fields, to exchange and debate over various issues. All forms of contributions are welcome (talks, artistic, performances, screenings, concerts…) and the most unexpected ideas are invited to join the party, offering an original interpretation of the theme of the year.

The theme that has been selected for 2022 is “(Re)build together” with ERUA’s own specific focus: “Collective Endeavors!

Hybrid event.
Round tables blending up to 4 or 5 talks with artistic performances.
Target: researchers, non-academic staff, artists, Master and PhD students from the five universities of the European Reform University Alliance
Dissemination: open to all

Themes for the call:
1. New research methods have fostered new ways of learning through practice-based approaches elaborating theoretical models directly inspired from the field. New research training methods have also had a concrete societal impact, encouraging us to rethink research and innovation from the perspective of participatory and inclusive societal engagement while bridging the gap between theory and practice. How have our reformed/critical universities been reinventing traditional academic approaches and pedagogies so far, for instance through practice-based and action research? Can we still do away with overbearing, ill-fitted performance and efficiency criteria while critically exploring innovation and societal engagement through the lens of responsible research?  #reformknowledge
2. Migrations, whether chosen or undergone, have been shaping contemporary society while triggering various political responses that range from sheer stigmatization, outright rejection or zealous hospitality. Such issues lie at the core of European universities’ concerns as they have all been confronted with an increasing flow of refugees, migrants and minorities. The current situation raises the question of the sharing of the world and even questions the possibility of worldforming in a context of globalization, or « becoming worldwide of the world » to quote French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy). Can we still think of a world when all differences tend to be levelled off by an economic and technological logic of general equivalence? How then can we produce political possibilities for the communal or collective yet to come? #rethinkingcommunity

3.Climate change and environmental upheavals are becoming one of the primary causes for population displacement, but they have also been transforming our daily lives. The effects of global warming can be slowed down, or even partially absorbed, but for this to happen, we need to drive large-scale public policies while transforming our daily practices. In other words, we need to reinvent the world as a common good. The current challenge seems to be opening up on several fronts, from the refurbishment of buildings to energy saving solutions, through the development of projects promoting the conservation of biodiversity (urban beehives, community gardens, etc.) to recycling (composting, repurposing etc.). What initiatives for our Alliance then? #ecocampus

Submission process:
Applications should be submitted in English and in PDF format on before February 14, 2022:
Please note that you will have to sign up and create a free account in order to log in.

Applications should include:
1/ a short biography (in .docx or equivalent format)
2/ a note on the proposed talk/performance on a specific theme (about 3000 characters, spaces included). Please note that your talk/performance should not exceed a maximum of 15 minutes.

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