Open call: This is an invitation for you to participate in the mapping of responsible research!

Dear researcher,

You may have heard of the European Reform University Alliance (ERUA and RE:ERUA). The Re-ERUA project focuses on “Research and Engagement for the European Reform University Alliance”. RE:ERUA is linked to ERUA, the Alliance of European Reform Universities within the European Universities Initiative. The responsibility and aim of Roskilde University is to drive ERUA to foster the engagement for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) of all sectors’ organizations and citizens through good governance, mutual learning, agreed practices and multi-actor and public engagement initiatives in research and innovation. Shortly said, we investigate research and innovation from the perspective of participatory and inclusive societal engagement.
One of our first tasks is to map practices based on excellence and innovative research projects on social innovation and societal engagement both within civil society and the business sector across ERUA alliance partners. Therefore, we now reach out to you, if you see yourself having the above expertise.
Our mapping is aimed to be multi-disciplinary, and within the above-mentioned fields of expertise. Some additional keywords that may help you to consider yourself relevant are:

• Democratic use of technology
• Empowerment
• User involvement
• Citizen science
• Social, ethical, universal design
• Sustainability from a broad sense of the term.
• Social entrepreneurship, responsible entrepreneurship, societal entrepreneurship
• Social change, transformative change
• Commons, ecosystems
• Embodied ethics
• Sustainable and social impact
• Involvement of external stakeholders in your research projects in both methodology and outputs from civil society and the business sector and public institutions
• Do you miss keywords, you are most welcome to send us a mail…

Please let us know if you can see yourself finding the time for a virtual talk of 1,5 hour in the coming months about the above theme. Subsequently, we will compile the answers and distribute them and invite all for a virtual discussion seminar in 2022, for all participants qualifying our mutual thoughts on social innovation and societal engagement as an aspect of responsible research.

All the best on behalf of the RE:ERUA research team in responsible research.

Assoc. Prof. Katia Dupret, assoc. Prof. Anne Vorre, assist. Prof. Jennifer Eschweiler,

Student ass. Ronja Hyldkrog, Department of People and Technology

Mail: Ronja Hyldkrog

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