Petri Nets​

Faculty: Department of Computer and Information Science

Petri nets (named after C. A. Petri) are a well-known and often used structure for the modelling and simulation of different processes in engineering, science, economy and other areas. This course presents a theory for the modelling with Petri nets and different techniques for the analysis of Petri nets. A number of examples enrich the theoretical understanding. Beside elementary Petri nets this course will also deal with Petri net extensions.

Additional Information:

Prerequisites: – Solid knowledge in the fundamentals of Computer Science (Algorithms and Data Structures, Theoretical Computer Science)
Discipline: Computer science
Period: – Oct 27, 2021 – Feb 2, 2022


Mon 10:00 AM – 11.30 AM

Tues 17:00 PM – 18:30 PM
Format: Online
Number of ERUA Students: 5
Number of ETCS: 6
Language: English
Student Level: 2nd/3rd Year BA + MA
Application Deadline: 11/10/2021