ERUA Open Science Meet-Up: Research Data Management and Open Science

On February 22nd, between 14.00 and 14.45 (CET), the next ERUA Open Science Meet-Up will take place on Zoom. The topic is: Research Data Management and Open Science The most well-known pillars of Open Science are probably Open Access to publications and the FAIR principles to research data. But applying the FAIR principles can’t be […]

New catalogue of intensive and online semester courses for ERUA students

The ERUA partner universities announce the opening of new intensive and semester courses for the academic year 2021-2022. The ERUA intensive courses are implemented as short-term physical, virtual or even blended mobilities while the semester courses are primarily online. You can consult the catalogues in the following links: If you would like to know […]

Selection results for Travelling Seminars 2021-2022

ERUA’s travelling seminars are experience-based learning formats that promote mobility and learning-by-doing approaches. The objective is to connect the universities of the alliance and to encourage the projects that aim different types of cooperation (co-teaching, visits to other campuses, field studies, etc.), as well as to develop the project-based mobilities. This format will enable us […]

ERUA Annual Summit

Dear Friends,   We are pleased to invite you to the first ERUA Summit that will be held at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia from 2nd to 4th of December 2021. This event is a unique opportunity to bring the whole ERUA community together for the first time and to present our mission and objectives to all stakeholders. It will […]

ERUA TALK: Practicing the Presence of Study against the Future of the Universities?

The notion of “black study”, sketched by Stefano Harney & Fred Moten in The Undercommons, offers a welcome alternative to the current conception of our universities, driven by the toxic double imperative of “teaching” and “research”. What does it mean to “practice study”? Is it bound to be a clandestine activity, or can it be promoted […]

ERUA TALK: Where Are the Sciences Today?

The sciences are everywhere in the world today. They influence our taste, behavior, and preferences. They determine how our children are taught in school and what food we eat at restaurants. An important reason for this is the increasing number of students around the world. Around half of a generation is now entering tertiary education. […]

ERUA TALK: Laboratories of the Social: Socialism and Social Science in the 19th century

The talk explores the shared genealogy of socialism and the social sciences in the 19th century. It argues that Charles Fourier’s early socialist thought present an organisational alternative to state socialism that was fully realized in cooperativism at the end of the 19th century. Using concepts taken from the laboratory studies, it investigates cooperative practices […]

Our Europe Today – Migration: Research and Practice in ERUA

The new ERUA event series “Our Europe today” is dedicated to current topics, events and challenges that move all Europeans in 30-minute virtual flashes each lunchtime. The interactive offer with interviews, discussions and quiz elements is aimed at the entire ERUA community, strengthens cohesion and encourages participation. The link to the respective event will be […]