Student Opportunities

The ERUA opportunities below aim to offer students unique and valuable learning experiences. We will integrate new innovative approaches into a common teaching and learning framework to increase compatibility of curricula among our institutions, exploit complementarity and increase flexibility for students to design their own learning pathways. In addition, the implementation of blended, virtual and online modules ensures the inclusivity of the learning offer, making it accessible for students of all different backgrounds.

ERUA Intensive courses

The ERUA, European Reform University Alliance, launches regularly a catalogue of intensive courses open to all ERUA students!

With these courses, we want to encourage our students to engage in short term mobilities and discover the opportunities ERUA has to offer.
The ERUA intensive courses were thought to be short-term physical, virtual or even blended mobilities. It will allow our ERUA students to have an international experience without any obstacles.
Students will have the opportunity to practice a foreign language, they will meet local and international students, enrich their curriculum and they will discover new horizons for their future!
If you are a student from one of the ERUA universities and you are interested in participating in an intensive course, please read our catalogue carefully here.

ERUA Semester courses

Apart from intensive courses, ERUA students have the opportunity to attend courses of longer duration offered by the partners.

The semester courses are offered mostly in online or blended format and will allow students to have an immersive experience at a partner university.

ERUA Summer / Winter schools

Within the framework of ERUA, the summer/winter schools aim to create short-term (1-2 weeks) courses in English to enhance students’ learning opportunities and the internationalisation of curricula. An interdisciplinary approach is encouraged.

Career Service

Based on the principle of flexible and student-oriented education, University of Konstanz is starting series of career events in the ERUA education frameworks. The events will be available online and will be open for all of the ERUA students. They can find useful information and helpful advices in next three months about their successful job search, application process and interview performance.