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Re-Imagining Learning Pathways

As Reform universities, we are dedicated to offer the most innovative learning offer to all our ERUA students.
ERUA’s third field of action is focused on building a new ecosystem within the alliance by combining our respective teaching offer and the successful experiments conducted by the ERUA’s working group on “Re-imagining Higher Education and Research ”. All our activities are developed through an innovative integrated framework thanks to the active participation of all the ERUA team from all member universities.

Re-imagining learning pathways engages us to:

  1. Develop a common conceptual and digital approach to education and research
  2. Develop a deep disciplinary knowledge and foster interdisciplinarity
  3. Enable students to design their own learning pathways through uniquely flexible combinations of courses

We foster experience-based learning through civic engagement, critical thinking and interdisciplinarity. Our activities involve all fields of study and all levels of study (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels).
Our main objective is to make our learning offer the most accessible to all our ERUA students. Therefore, we are engaged in fostering inclusion and overcoming the obstacles for physical mobility (due to socio-economic background, lack of time, job obligations, financial reasons, etc.) through implementing for instance more short term mobilities and blended learning.
ERUA will offer a wide range of learning opportunities. We are already engaged in offering two opportunities for our students and our teachers:

  • ERUA Intensive courses
  • ERUA Travelling seminars


ERUA is working hand-in-hand with its academic community to bring the best solutions to our future generations of European citizens.