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ERUA Talk: The future of learning and innovation: How AI is changing the game.

From beating world grandmasters in games of Chess and Go to solving vexing scientific problems, artificial intelligence is disrupting our traditional models of learning, creating and working. However, despite the astonishing rate of progress with AI technology, our social and economic challenges cannot be solved by machines alone and require innovative forms of human-machine collaboration and co-creation. The project objectives of Augmented-Humans are aimed towards improving engaging interactions and problem solving between human and machine that generate data, facilitate problem solving, and aid both human and machine learning.

Dr. Marigo Raftopoulos is a Postdoctoral Researcher at Tampere University and is a member of the Gamification Group. Marigo is currently working on Augmented-Humans, an EU-funded project (MSCA-IF) dedicated to the study of how we can augment the best of human and artificial intelligence to accelerate creativity and innovation in business applications.
Prior to joining Tampere University, Marigo was working as a strategic business advisor to technology startups, industry and government on gamification, human-centred technology design and digital transformation. Marigo earned her PhD in enterprise gamification at RMIT University, Australia, and she also holds an MBA and Bachelor of Economics.

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Apr 04 2022


14:15 - 16:00