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ERUA TALK – Pedagogies of Collapse

ERUA TALK – Pedagogies of Collapse

Virginie Servant-Miklos, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Tuesday April 26, 14.15-16.00.
Pedagogies of Collapse

Environmental collapse is upon us, yet the education system carries on much as it did in the 20th century: under the promise of eternal growth, preparing students for a future that looks much like the past. Progressive pedagogies of the 20th century like problem-oriented project work and problem-based learning have been “rationalised” to fine-tune students’ employability under a market-driven, neoliberal educational governance model that pre-supposes and requires stable environmental conditions and infinite natural resources to function. Re-examining the existential roots of critical pedagogy in light of the climate crisis calls educators to reconnect with learning as revolution. In the urgency of the present, learning built on imperfect solidarities and reckoning with trauma may guide our students’ generation back to a safe operating space for humanity.

To read more about how the speaker is working with the environmental crisis in her own pedagogy, please see her recent open-access article:

“Environmental education and socio-ecological resilience in the COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from educational action research”, Environmental Education Research 28, 1 (2022), 18-39.

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Apr 26 2022


14:15 - 16:00

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