Administrative Staff

ERUA aims at building a strong community spanning across our 5 institutions through the empowerment of administrative staff (intercultural training, ERUA language courses), virtual and physical mobilities facilitation (turnkey mobility programmes, project-based and team mobilities, mobility recognition for staff) and diversity enhancement.

ERUA has opened its first call for the academic staff members. Every teacher could find a partner from one of the universities in the community and to apply together for an intensive education format in the upcomming autumn. Take the chance to know more of your colleages across the network and to contribute to the students participation in the Alliance activities. For more information, please, see the file, and you could contact your ERUA coordinator.

UKON – Filipa Gonçalves,

UAagean – Eirini Papadopoulou,

NBU – Dimitar Trendafilov,