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ERUA Travelling seminars

ERUA launched its second call for projects “Travelling seminars” in March 2022. You can find the call here:

Our mission is to address the actual world challenges by bringing together students and academics from diverse areas of Europe and from all socio-economic backgrounds to contribute to reshaping a more just, open and inclusive society.
To operate such changes, ERUA promotes experimental approaches to reimagine the role of Higher Education. This call for projects of travelling seminars has the ambition to be one of our most innovative forms of learning.

What do we call travelling seminars?

ERUA’s travelling seminars are experience-based learning formats that promote mobility and learning-by-doing approaches.

Within the framework of ERUA, the traveling seminars system is thus intended to finance the mobility of 3 groups of 10 students per university every year. Each group will visit another alliance university, accompanied by their professors for a collaborative learning experience. This format will enable us to involve students in the co-design of an innovative pedagogical approach as well as civic engagement and critical thinking.

Objectives & priorities

ERUA will launch one call for “Traveling seminars” each year during a three-year period. Each year 15 projects will be selected (3 per university) and each project will constitute a group of 10 students maximum and their professors. Thus, our objective is to give the opportunity to 150 students per academic year to discover our ERUA community and all the exchanges it has to offer..
The idea of the Travelling seminars is to connect the universities of the alliance and to encourage the projects that aim different types of cooperation (co-teaching, visits to other campuses, field studies, etc.), as well as to develop project-based mobilities.

ERUA Teaching Weeks

ERUA gives you an opportunity to establish collaboration in your particular field of interest with colleagues from our ERUA partner universities. The Teaching Weeks are meant as a first step to get to know the partners: You can set up initial contacts via a virtual exchange within the framework of your seminar or lecture and thus draw out opportunities for further cooperation. All members of the teaching staff can apply (Profs, Postdocs, PhDs). The Teaching Weeks should take place between November 2nd and 19th 2021 If these dates do not convene at all, please do not hesitate to contact us: