Joint Statement of the ERUA Rectors and Presidents Regarding the Upcoming European Elections 2024

From June 6th to 9th, Europeans are called to elect representatives to the European Parliament. We strongly encourage you to exercise your vote.

The European Parliament’s decisions significantly impact our lives. They shape educational opportunities, research funding, climate action, and digital transformation, among others. By participating in these elections, you can directly influence EU actions and priorities, which, in turn, substantially contribute to more prosperous higher education, research, and societal transformation across Europe.

Active participation is essential for a strong democracy. Your vote ensures that your values and aspirations are reflected in European decisions. At the European Reform University Alliance we share the vision that seeks to build a more inclusive and innovative higher education and research landscape in Europe and contributes to a free, more equitable and democratic Europe. We encourage you – students, academics, researchers and staff of the ERUA community – to exercise your right to vote in the upcoming elections.


By voting, we collectively build the future of Europe and our ERUA community for the next five years.



Roman Cieślak
SWPS University
President of ERUA Board of Rectors

Annick Allaigre
Paris 8 University


Plamen Doynov
New Bulgarian University


Dimitrios Papageorgiou
University of the Aegean


Eduard Mühle
European University Viadrina


John McCourt
University of Macerata


Lluís Serra Majem
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


Inga Žalėnienė
Mykolas Romeris University

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