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ERUA Welcomes Mrs. Bruna Vives as Alliance’s Secretary General

ERUA (European Reform Universities Alliance) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Bruna Vives as the Alliance’s Secretary General. This significant addition to ERUA’s leadership marks a pivotal moment in the alliance’s journey towards enhancing its impact on higher education, research, and societal transformation across Europe.

Mrs. Vives is a senior professional with a multidisciplinary background in social sciences and humanities, including a Master in European Studies and executive education. She brings to ERUA extensive experience, spanning over twenty years in management roles within the international landscape of higher education, research, and innovation. Notably, she served as the Managing Director of the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) from 2015 to 2021, where her strategic leadership played a vital role in translating the Centre’s scientific vision into operational excellence. Her contributions to establishing the CRG as a leader in EU funding, particularly during her tenure as Head of the CRG Grants Office, underscore her capability to drive impactful initiatives within complex organizational frameworks. Noteworthy, she currently acts as evaluator for the European Commission for Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND Programme and HR Excellence for Research.

ERUA is comprised by eight reformist universities united by shared values of openness, inclusiveness, and placing students at the heart of their mission. With a distinct focus on social sciences, humanities, and arts, complemented by interdisciplinary collaborations with STEM fields ERUA is committed to fostering unique perspectives and convergence among diverse stakeholders across Europe in addressing contemporary societal challenges.

Mrs. Vives’ appointment comes at a crucial juncture as ERUA kicks-off the new phase (ERUA 2023-2026) and endeavors to tackle global challenges and advance its vision of a truly integrated European community. Leveraging her strategic vision and operational experience, Mrs. Vives will play an instrumental role in facilitating cross-functional collaboration, driving multicultural initiatives, and ensuring the effective implementation of ERUA’s joint vision and long-term strategy. “We are delighted to welcome Mrs. Vives as ERUA Secretary General, which received the full endorsement of the Board of Rectors”, said Prof. Roman Cieślak, Chair of ERUA’s Board of Rectors and Rector of SWPS University. “Her demonstrated leadership and extraordinary achievements in EU funding acquisition and policy implementations are paramount in propelling our alliance towards realizing our shared aspirations and shaping the future of education and research in Europe.”

“As I embark on an exciting voyage as ERUA Secretary General,” Mrs. Bruna Vives commented, “I look forward to closely working with our alliance universities, partners, and stakeholders to unleash ERUA’s full potential. Together, we will advance our collective mission of building inclusive, experimental, and innovative approaches to higher education and research in Europe.”

Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Bruna Vives to the ERUA team. We are convinced that, under her guidance, our alliance will make significant contributions towards pedagogical reform, research excellence, and service to societies.



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