Francesca Mara Santangelo

University of Macerata

Title of research project

Democracy, Governance, Inclusiveness and Trust

Research area(s)

Human rights, Inclusion, Education

Expertise needed
Researchers who have completed their PhDs and are considered a recognised researcher, but are not yet fully independent. Researchers who have developed a level of independence.

Description of specific research project (c. 250 words)

The contemporary global landscape is facing a multitude of social challenges such as migration, climate change emergencies, energy crises, armed conflicts, political extremism, the erosion of democratic institutions, protest movements, violence, corruption and growing public distrust in governance and expertise. These challenges not only affect the fundamental structures and processes that support the cohesion of our societies, but also have repercussions across institutions of democratic governance, particularly in the field of higher education.
In recent decades, investigating these issues through an analysis of the role of heritage in society has brought interest to a wide range of social issues such as decolonisation, indigenous heritage, repatriation, conflict, contestation, property, community engagement, activism, human rights, accessibility, inclusion, health and wellbeing. This expansion has generated more nuanced understandings of what constitutes heritage for different groups and how they may attach particular values to heritage and how this can help promote a more inclusive democratic context. The project aims to investigate the interaction between democracy, governance, inclusiveness and trust starting from the school and education.

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